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    We were to choose an object from pile of randomly assorted stuff. I chose some dice and now I’m making D&D/RPG characters out of them, hahaha!

    i don’t know what my story will be, but i feel there should be a level of interactivity and chance involved in the story. kinda like a choose your own adventure kinda book

    Lightly inspired by blackyjunkgallery and elliotalfredius

    My stuff isn’t as nearly detailed oriented as theirs. I’m still wrapping my head around decorating and giving them accessories and equipment and the like.

    Sasha the Pirate

    Some character design doodles for my children’s book class.
    I received an excerpt from some ones story, and I have to make pictures accompanying the excpert.

    My interpretation of the story is about a pirate named Sasha who falls off the edge of the world.

    More doodles! This time I’m playing with Abigail.

    Can’t decide if she should wear pants, capris, or shorts. I really want her to have band-aids on her legs, but I’m liking the covered forearms and forelegs a lot more.

    Also she’s left handed (bc of how her arms are crossed.)

    Bovine Bard

    These cattle come from the Endless Plains. Most are nomadic, and openly roam the plains, grazing between watering holes and small villages.

    Their entire culture centers around music and sound. When a troupe reaches a village, a small festival is held, led by the visiting bards. They swap stories through songs, some are cautionary tales, others are little rumors circulated in previous villages. These songs eventually become part of their culture’s legends and fables, sung by their great-great-grand children.

    Traveling bards are often wrapped in heavy blankets. The images stitched on to their cloaks depict a patron story of their family. The images can be interpreted by the Bovine in to song. This is usually the final song they play at the end of festivals, as both a signature of the troupe, and a blessing upon the village.

    As seen above, some farmers and resident villagers wear wooden wolf masks on the back of their neck to ward off evil spirits. When they reach of age, they are given their own bell with unique markings. These bells represent their family ancestors looking over them.
    And when they die, their bell is hung outside the gates of their home village. When the bell rings, it is thought the wind has brought their soul back home after a long journey.

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